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Make everything smooth and even with self leveling floor coating

As the name implies, self leveling floor coating is a form of coating which is used on various types of floors so as to make them smooth and even. They are usually applied on concrete floors but they are also an effective option on other substrates. They are the most popular form of resin flooring because the smooth, seamless surface is ideal for industrial settings where there is a lot of vehicular traffic and also for healthcare and hygiene environments because the lack of seams and cracks prevents microbes from growing in the floor. Self leveling floor paint is not just epoxy, it is also available in polyurethane.

Self leveling resin floor coating can be applied in a range of environments, and in this article we look at how it benefits just a few. We also look at self levelling floor coating suppliers in the UAE.

The differences between self leveling flooring systems

Self leveling flooring comes in two varieties – self leveling cement or concrete and self leveling paint or resin screed (also known as self smoothing floor coating or flowable resin flooring). Self leveling concrete floor uses a polymer-modified cement and gravity to create a level underlayment, while self leveling resin floor coating is poured onto a floor and spread across it, allowing the coating to smooth out over the floor profile. Self leveling resin flooring is stronger the thicker it is applied; for heavy and very heavy duty applications it should be applied at 4-6mm while medium to heavy duty applications require 2-3mm. The most popular self level flooring is an epoxy resin flooring, also called self leveling epoxy flooring.

Although epoxy and polyurethane are both polymeric coatings used for the same jobs, there are several differences between the two coating types that may affect your choice of self leveling floor coating:

  • Epoxy is cheaper than polyurethane
  • Polyurethane lasts longer than epoxy
  • Polyurethane has better resistance to chemicals and heat than epoxy
  • Epoxy is more rigid than polyurethane

The benefits of self leveling floor coating

A self leveling floor coating is suitable for industrial, commercial and residential environments.

Self leveling flooring is seamless, preventing trips and accidents.

Whether polyurethane or epoxy, there are many benefits to choosing a self smoothing floor coating, including:

  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • High gloss finish leads to increased brightness and safety
  • Easy-to-clean, seamless finish prevents the growth of microorganisms in cracks
  • Attractive, bright color options
  • Variable thicknesses for versatile application

Applications of self smoothing resin floor

The ease of application and high performance of self leveling resin floors means they are used in a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, food and beverage production, logistics centers, industrial facilities, retail stores, showrooms, pharmaceutical production, warehouses, garages, and hospitals. Below we look at three applications:

  1. Self leveling garage floor
    Garages are places where damaging chemicals and oils are used on a daily basis, much of it ending up on the floor. For a concrete floor, these substances can seep in and destroy it. By adding a self levelling epoxy paint or polyurethane to the concrete, the floor becomes seamless, easier to work on, highly resistant to abrasion and impact, as well as hot tire pickup.
  2. Seamless self leveling hospital floor
    Hospital floors are exposed to heavy duty cleaners and biological wastes every day. In order to prevent damage to the floor or the growth and buildup of microorganisms such as bacteria, a seamless flooring system is ideal. Self leveling epoxy floor paint can also be made with antimicrobial properties to actively fight microbes.
  3. Self leveling table tops?
    Just because it is called self leveling floor coating does not mean you can’t think outside the box. These coatings are also regularly used to create a smooth, glossy finish for table tops, bar tops, and other highly used items in restaurants, for example.

Below is a video of a self leveling epoxy flooring company in Dubai applying an epoxy screed.

United Arab Emirates OSH regulations and floors

The Occupational Safety and Health System has codes of practice that apply to the safety of floors in both spaces of employment and public spaces. A code of practice (CoP) provides minimum mandatory OSH technical requirements on a specific subject. You need to be aware of the subject matter covered by the codes of practices and ensure that the minimum requirements are complied with. These codes of practice are mandatory to all entities, regardless of risk classification.

For more information on codes of practice, the Abu Dhabi Emirate has a very in depth website regarding occupational safety and health regulations.

Self leveling floor paint companies in the UAE

The versatility and popularity of self smoothing floor coating means that there are suppliers and specialists across the UAE. There are likely to be regional price difference – the cost of self leveling floor paint services in Abu Dhabi for example may not be the same as the self leveling epoxy floor price in Dubai – but there are enough companies that the right coating at the right price is available for your project. If you need more information, or would like self leveling floor coating for your project, get in touch! Our experts are here to help, and to connect you with the coating solution for your needs.

Below is few of the self leveling floor coating companies operating in the UAE.

Self leveling floor coating companyLocationFloor coating services offered
Flowcrete Middle EastAl Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAESelf levelling floor coating in epoxy and polyurethane
Smartcrete Decorative Solutions Dubai, UAESelf leveling cast floors including metallic and 3D
Unimag Technical LLCMussafah, Abu Dhabi Ras Al Khor, Industrial Area 2, DubaiSelf leveling floor systems
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