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All you need to know about powder coating in UAE

Powder coating has become a multi-billion dirham business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating anything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down to two things: protection and appearance. As a coating method it is flexible, durable, highly protective, and its strengths are not at the cost of its looks. Powder coating comes in a wide range of colors and finishes to ensure your project looks and performs exactly as required.

This article will outline the advantages, uses, and process of powder coating, as well as where you can find powder coating applicators and suppliers in The Emirates.

Consider powder coat for your project because…

… powder coating is suitable for a wide range of materials and purposes including metals, glass, MDF, and even wood and plastics. It is suitable for coating furniture, appliances, vehicles, offshore structures and many more surfaces. Powder coating has many features and benefits that make it the coating of choice. Just a few of these are:

  1. Durability: It is more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. It is also possible to include performance enhancing additives based on the desired coating performance – an anti-scratch agent, UV powder or curing agent for powder coating will enhance its properties.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Solvent-free, very low/zero VOC, and excess powder can be recovered and reused, so minimal waste and under 1% material loss.
  3. Appearance: Unlimited color and finish choice (including smooth, textured, gloss, matt, iridescent, glitter, and candy) with thicker applications that liquid coatings and no running or sagging.
  4. Cost efficiency: It is cheaper than liquid paint, and is a one coat application with low operation costs, which makes it suitable for mass produced items like products across automotive industry.
  5. Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of materials and purposes including metals, glass, MDF, and even wood and plastics.

The 3 main steps of the powder coating process

Powder coating is a process where paint is applied to a substrate in powder form. Usually a paint is a binder and a pigment suspended in a liquid solvent, but a powder coat is solvent free – it is the binder and pigment combined and blended into a fine powder. The application process can be broken down into 3 steps: substrate preparation/pre-treatment, powder application, and curing the coating.

1. Pre-treating and preparing the substrate

The correct preparation of the substrate is paramount in any coating application. Firstly, remove all oil, grease, dirt, grime and ensure that the part is completely clean. Then the part is stripped – this removes previous coatings. Finally the part is sandblasted. This stage cleans the part down to bare metal and creates a texture on the substrate which allows the powder coating to adhere to it. After a final clean the part is ready. The pre-treatment step varies a little depending on the substrate but ultimately the aim is to bring it back to a bare, coatable surface.

2. Applying powder coating

Powder coating powder can be enhanced by additives such as anti scratch, curing, ad leveling agents

Powder coating applies dry powder to a substrate and bakes it on.

Powder coatings are applied through one of two methods: electrostatic spraying, and fluidised bed. The electrostatic spray process applies the powder through a specialty spray gun which gives the powder an electrostatic charge which causes the powder to stick to the grounded part. In the fluidised bed process, the part is heated and dipped into a hopper filled with fluidised powder. The heat melts the powder onto the part immediately, though a post cure may still be needed.

3. Curing the powder

The final step is to bake the powder coat, causing it to melt, flow, and form a continuous liquid film. This ensures an even coverage over the part. Depending on the type of powder, there is either a further step for curing (for thermosetting powders), or the process stops here (for thermoplastic powders). Thermosetting powders undergo chemical crosslinking  when heated and will not melt again, where thermoplastics do not crosslink and will melt again if heated. A properly cured thermosetting powder is tough and impact resistant and forms a protective layer for example for household appliances.

The different powder coating chemistries – know what to choose

Powder coating can be divided into two broad categories: thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset powder coating forms crosslinks as it cures, changing its chemical composition irrevocably. Thermoplastic powder coating contains longer chain molecules to begin with, and cures without changing its chemical composition. The majority of powder coating powder is thermoset. Below we have a guide to the different powder coating powders and their properties.

    A thermosetting resin mostly used in the automotive industry to provide a chip-resistant, smooth clear coat for vehicles.
    Epoxy resin powder coating is thermosetting, durable, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, and they adhere well to metals, but they are let down in their weatherability. Epoxy resins are not UV stable and so exterior exposure can cause them to chalk and fade. Because of this they are mostly used for interior applications for protective purposes. Fusion bonded epoxy powder coating (FBE coating) is used to protect pipelines from corrosion.
    Polyester is the most common thermosetting resin type due to the broad range of applications to which it is suited, and because it is one of the cheaper options. It comes in TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) and non-TGIC varieties. Polyester powder coating has good flexibility, durability mechanical resistance, and chemical resistance. Used for exterior applications. There are also Super Durable Polyesters which offer extended color and gloss lifespans.
    An epoxy-polyester blend provides toughness, chemical resistance, color stability and excellent decorative appearance. They have better weatherability than pure epoxy, but decreased chemical and corrosion resistance.They are commonly used for office furniture, and not really suited for outside.
    Thermoset fluoropolymer powder coating is typically used in exterior architectural applications as they have excellent weatherability, UV stability, and color and gloss retention. They are the longest-lasting outdoor powder coating option.
    Nylon powder coating is thermoplastic and finds use where friction reduction, resistance to corrosion and chemicals, and a cosmetic finish are required. Kids playground equipment, shopping carts and wire shelving use nylon coating.
    A thermosetting polyurethane resin is used for exterior applications with a need for hardness and a lower film build. They have excellent corrosion resistance and durability, but are more expensive than alternatives.
    Used as heat resistant powder coating for temperatures up to 500°C. For high heat applications such as engines or exhaust systems use silicone powder coating.

For a look at the different companies in the UAE which provide powder coating powder, head to our powder buying overview.

Powder coating suppliers and companies in the UAE

Powder coating is generally charged by surface area of the part to be coated. Different finishes and colors are priced differently, and the type of job will also be reflected in the prices – wheels or rims may be done per wheel, where a railing is charged by length. Powder coating companies in Dubai may charge differently to those in Abu Dhabi. Whether you need powder coating Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, or any of the Emirates, let us connect you with your powder coating solution.

Below is a table listing a selection of powder coating companies in UAE. For a complete list go to our breakdown of powder coating companies for each Emirate. If you would like more information about powder coating, or need a powder coating contractor for a project, contact us! Our experts are here to help. Just use the “Request a quote” button at the bottom of this article and take advantage of 100% free quoting service.

Powder Coating Companies in UAELocation
A One Metal CoatingIndustrial Area 2, Sharjah
AkzoNobel UAE Paints LLC6 13th St, Dubai
Arafa Powder Coating L.L.CNew Industrial Area, Ajman
Bin Shabib Powder CoatingAl Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai
Jotun Powder Coatings LLCAl Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai
Rainbow Powder CoatingSharjah and Ajman
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