powder coating costs depending on the volume

Here’s what to expect from powder coating costs

Considering powder coating but still wondering how much powder coating costs. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll give you an overview of powder coating prices for industrial applications, DIY jobs, and all other powder coating services in the UAE.

The total powder coating costs are defined by several aspects of the project: the type and colour of the powder, the application method, the need for surface preparation and pre-treatment, as well as the surface area of the object. Due to the fact that the powder price decreases as the volume increases, it is more cost-effective to powder coat larger projects than smaller ones.

Powder coating costs for at home projects

To apply powder coating yourself at home, you will need some specialist kits and know-how; it is not a cheap DIY project. Costs will comprise of surface preparation, coating equipment, coating powder and curing equipment including tapes and oven.

Powder coating equipment prices

In the following table you can find some powder coating products and their prices. Note that the prices are only indications, and exclude possible shipping costs. Powder coating equipment pricing is variable between companies and products. For example, powders come in three main varieties: epoxy, polyester, and a blend of the two. As a rough guideline, polyester powders are cheaper than epoxy, and gloss finishes are cheaper than matt finishes. 0.5 kg of powder will cover about 4  m² of a flat surface.

Piece of powder coating equipmentBrandPrice indication (from)
Powder curing ovenEastwood360 AED (100 UAD)
Industrial powder coating spray gunGema Optiflex 226.100 AED (7.110 UAD)
Powder coating system (including spray gun)BestEquip1.600 AED (440 UAD)

Industrial and military powder coating pricing in the UAE

industrial powder coating costs for oil rig

Industrial powder coating costs are defined by color, size and powder used.

When it comes to industrial and military powder coating applications, the applicators usually purchase powders directly from the manufacturer and provide you with a range to choose from. Prices can vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of powder, and the nature of the contract with the powder coating supplier. It is often beneficial to contact the manufacturer to enquire directly about powder coating prices based upon their product, and the applicators they supply.

Powder coaters usually give a flat rate per part or a variable rate for mass projects, depending on the complexity of the project, as well as the object size. If surface preparation such as abrasive blasting is required, this may also increase the total powder coating costs. If you are searching for industrial powder coating companies, make sure to find out whether the company has the equipment and ability to coat your project. For more information, or to be connected with one of our powder coating partners, use the “Request a quote” button and get in touch!

Powder Coating Service price rates in the Emirates

Powder coating is a fast and versatile coating method, and because of this there are many powder coating companies in UAE that provide supplies and services. Of course not all of these provide the same services; one is specialised in powder coating wheels and another only takes large scale projects to carry out. Powder coating wheels is one of the more popular applications available everywhere.

To give an indication of powder coating pricing, we put together a powder coating price list including the most common items that are brought to powder coating paint shops. These prices are merely indications and not exact prices. If you want more powder coating information, or have a powder coating job and want to be connected with one of our coating partners, make use of our 100% free quoting service. Our experts are here to help you find the best coating solution, just click the “Request a quote” button at the bottom!

Bicycle partsPrice indication (from)
Bicycle rims (2)260 AED
Bicycle frame 350 AED
Car partsPrice indication (from)
Steel rims (4)340 AED
Aluminum rims (4)460 AED
Steel Valve cover V6-V870 AED
Aluminum Valve Cover V6-V885 AED
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