nano coating on fabric prevents water from penetrating the textile.

Nano coating – the ultra thin wonder coating

From food processing in Abu Dhabi to the automotive industry in Dubai: a nano coating is useful in almost every sector. Not only does nano coating seal the car paint but nano coating manufacturers also make products that make skyscraper windows self-cleaning. In this article we will take a closer look at the numerous possibilities liquid nano coatings have to offer in the Emirates.

To give you an idea of whether your project would benefit from nano coatings, here are 5 advantages of nano coating. Nano coating:

  1. Reduces maintenance costs: Grease and dirt slides off windows and solar panels. Cleaning becomes safe and cost efficient.
  2. Combats vandalism: Becomes an effective anti graffiti or anti urine layer.
  3. Protects from short-circuits: Ideal for electronic uses and electrical systems.
  4. Slows down deterioration: Durable protection for sensitive and porous surfaces such as concrete bridges and monuments.
  5. Contributes to safety: Dangerous fungi and bacteria cannot attach to the surface.

These beneficial properties are made possible by nanotechnology. Nano coating does not form a layer on the substrate like conventional coatings, but bonds chemically with the substrate instead. Due to this, liquids can no longer penetrate the surface, and dirt, grease and fungi cannot adhere to it.

5 things you should know before applying nano coating

Before you plough ahead, take into account these factors which may affect your choice of coating:

  1. Damageable: Some nano coatings have limited durability against harsh cleaning chemicals and microfibre cloths.
  2. Contaminants: The coatings are not suitable for old, contaminated substrates. The substrate must be absolutely clean.
  3. Limited lifespan: Nano coatings are not forever, and some require recoating regularly.
  4. Substrate type: Every substrate requires a different nano coating.
  5. Product names: The names manufacturers give their products may be confusing. Trust a professional to help you choose the right coating.

Determine the best nano coating for your project in 3 steps

When choosing the nano coating for your project, you should keep in mind the purpose and material of the substrate: wood, glass, metal and concrete all require different products. Due to the multitude of different nano coatings, we will guide you to the most suitable nano coating through the following 3 steps.

STEP ONE – Determine what effect the coating should have

Essentially, the main types of effects nano coatings can have are hydrophobic, hydrophilic, oleophobic, depending on the chemical composition and ingredients. Firstly, you need to determine what you expect from the coating.

1. Water and oil repellent coatings

nano coating on printed circuit board

Hydrophobic nano coating is used on electronics due to its waterproofing properties.

Suitable coating: Hydrophobic and oleophobic

What it is:
Hydrophobic and oleophobic literally mean afraid of water and afraid of oil. The effective ingredient in these coatings is silicon dioxide which prevents water and contamination from adhering to the surface. These coatings also combat corrosion on metal surfaces. This type of nano coating is available for nearly any surface: the most common applications take place on bathroom floors and walls in the form of a hydrophobic coating spray. These coatings can also be made antimicrobial for healthcare settings.
Examples of applications:
Car windows, walls and floors in the food processing industry, eyeglasses, sanitary facilities, textile, plastic, exterior furniture, electronics, anti fingerprint coating, anti graffiti coating, and as a urine repellent paint

2. Self-cleaning coatings

Suitable coating: Hydrophilic coating

What it is:
This nano coating is based on titanium dioxide (TiN) and it is suitable especially for smooth surfaces. It does not repel water, but attracts it instead; creating a thin, tiny water filter which creates a self-cleaning effect. The coating is extremely hygienic; you will literally see water and dirt slide off the surface.
Examples of applications:
Skyscraper windows, medical instrument, solar panels and greenhouses.

3. Impact resistant coatings

Suitable coating: Silica or silicon dioxide-based

What it is:
Like hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, these are also based on silica but formulated to be tougher. This makes the nanocoating extremely hard, almost insoluble and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Due to the extreme hardness of the coating, it is also somewhat resistant to impact and scratches. It is one of the most popular nano coatings in the automotive coating and refinishes sectors, applied as a paint protection coating.
Examples of applications:
Car paint, statues, machines, as a top coat on floors and walls.

STEP TWO – Look for a product suitable for the specific substrate

Even though nano coatings are suitable for almost any substrate, not every coating adheres to all substrates. The optimal adherence is created by adding ingredients that support adhering to the wished material such as smooth metal or porous concrete. The products are  also often named according to the substrate they are suitable for: Nano Concrete, Nano Plastic and so on.

It is vital to choose the product that is specially developed for the surface you wish to coat. If you choose a product that is made for a different substrate, the coating may not adhere and the effect may not be as wished.

STEP THREE – Buy nano coating products for professionals

Once you know which nano coating you need, it is time to purchase the coating. To make the job little easier for you, we have compiled a short overview of professional nano coatings available in The Arab Emirates. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the products from the following nano coating manufacturers and distributors, or if you are looking for a tailored nano coating solution.

Nano coating manufacturerCompany addressSpecialization
Nasiol GulfAl-Khobar in Eastern ProvinceDistribution of industrial and commercial nano coating products
I ShineDIB Warehouses Beside Al Ahli Driving Institute Industrial Area 4, Al-Quoz, DubaiManufacture and distribution of industrial nano coatings
Nano 4 LifeExchange Tower, Al Sa’ada St, DubaiManufacture of industrial and commercial nano coatings for textile
Hard Shell FZESHED No: Q4 095, SAIF , 121454 SharjahManufacture of industrial nano coating such as Liquid Armour

Are you not convinced that nano coatings are suitable for your project? We are familiar with all the alternatives. We are happy to help answer any questions you might have about (nano) coatings. Additionally, we have an extensive network of coating experts whose expertise is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us for tailored advice.

For professional nano coating Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Wherever you need nano coating, Dubai to Abu Dhabi, there are nano coating companies to supply your needs. From nano coating for medical devices to self cleaning windows, let us connect you with nano coating suppliers in the UAE.

If you are looking for a tailored solution, we at are happy to offer our services to help you find the right nano coating manufacturers and products. In cooperation with our coating partners, we can also draw up a competitive proposal for applying nano coatings.

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