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Industrial metal coating for protection and maximum durability

Metal is a very common material in a range of industries; Its strength and versatility finds ready use in aerospace, automotive, building (steel constructions), and electronics applications among many others.  Metal coating can refer to either coatings which consist of or contain metal, or to coatings which are suitable for metal surfaces. Metal coatings prevent damage caused by corrosion, chemicals, acids, heat, oils and abrasion.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of industrial metal coatings, their application processes, and different metal protective coating companies in the UAE.

Protective and functional liquid metal coating types

Liquid metal coating services provide coatings that can be protective, functional, or decorative, or it may also have all three purposes. One of the key functions of a metal coating is corrosion protection. Though metal is strong, it is also susceptible to attack from environmental elements and surface coatings are used for protection. Industrial metal coatings aim at cost efficient solutions which protect the substrates from deterioration by providing maximum durability with minimum need for maintenance. By applying the appropriate coating it is possible to extend the lifespan of the metal part. As with any coating, the substrate, intended environment, and intended end use all need to inform the coating choice.

Metal coating is used to protect metals in a range of industries

Powder coating is a protective metal coating.

Industrial metal coatings exist as different types of surface coating, powder coating and liquid metal finishes and coatings. These can increase safety, protect, or enhance the performance of the metal substrate. Five of the top coatings for metal are:

Industrial metal-based coating types

There are a number of metal coating techniques which involve the application of metal-based coatings onto metal substrates. These coatings work to insulate, lubricate, and protect the metal substrate beneath. These metal coating industries include:

  • Hot dip galvanisation –  The process of immersing a metal in a bath of metal, often molten zinc, in order to form a coating. The liquid metal bonds to the substrate and forms an alloy, which is then coated in zinc as it is removed from the bath. Hot dip galvanizing is most often applied to steel or iron to prevent corrosion.
  • Anodising – The process of forming a layer of oxide on the surface of a substrate. While anodizing is most common with aluminum, it can also be used on other metals such as titanium and zinc. The metal to be coated is immersed in an acidic electrolyte through which a current is run. Oxygen is deposited on the substrate, bonding with the metal itself and forming an oxide. The thicker this oxide layer the “harder”the coating.
  • Thermal (metal) spraying – Applies zinc or aluminum to a substrate by taking the metal in the form of a powder or wire and feeding it into a special spray gun. The metal is melted within the gun and can then be sprayed onto the substrate. It does not alloy, but instead works by coating the surface in overlapping metal platelets.
  • Electroplating – Using the process of electrodeposition, electroplating deposits a layer of coating on a substrate immersed in an electrolyte through which an electric current is passed, like anodization. Unlike anodizing, the layer deposited is not an oxide but another metal. The most common electroplating metals are zinc, copper, tin, nickel, as well as precious metals such as gold and silver. Electroplating can also be done with alloys like zinc-nickel.

Metal protective coating companies in UAE

In the UAE there are many manufacturers of protective metal coatings and metal paint suppliers. Some of them produce all types of coatings for metal, and others on a specific coating type. Below is a table with just a few of the metal coating companies in UAE.

If you need metal coating for you project, get in touch! Our experts are here to help. Simply use the button below and let us, in collaboration with our coating partners, find the metal coating solution for your needs.

Metal Coating CompanyLocation
Metal CoatingsAl Jadaf Dubai Ship Dockyard, Dubai, UAE
Princess Metal CoatingNear Lal Market, Mussafah West, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Union Metal Coating & Alloys FZCSharjah, United Arab Emirates
United Metal Coating LLCDubai Industrial Park, Dubai, UAE


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