GRP lining will save you from the cost of replacing your tank

GRP Lining will save you the cost of replacement

Tanks, pipes, sump pits, cooling towers, bunds, transmission pipelines, swimming pools, and more will all eventually suffer deterioration if not properly protected. Chemicals, corrosion, exposure, and other influences can lead to blistering, leaking, cracking, and osmosis, ultimately leading to failure. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) lining is a coating solution where a resin system is reinforced with lengths of fibreglass, either short 3mm lengths or long or continuous reinforcement. The coating is thereby strengthened by the fibreglass. GRP lining is a high performance solution for any lining project.

In this article we look at GRP lining and its applications, as well as the companies that provide GRP lining in the UAE.

How GRP lining works to protect the substrate

Also known as FRP lining (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic), GRP lining can increase the viability and integrity of a tank, pipe, or other substrate for decades. It was originally created in order to endure the harshest conditions, particularly hostile chemical environments. They work by combining the protective properties of the polymer with the strength and resistance of the fibreglass. Fibreglass has a high tensile strength, allowing it to resist the pressure of the contents of a tank, for example. It is also highly corrosion resistant.

The polymers used for the GRP lining are commonly epoxy, polyester, polyurea, vinyl, and other high performance elastomeric coatings. The corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproofing, and durability of the coating is complimented by the fibreglass, and coatings are chosen based on the desired strength of the resulting combination and the environment to which it will be exposed. Commonly GRP lining is used for concrete and steel tanks, and is applied either by spray or a lay-up method using special roller brushes or trowels. In this way a very high film build is achieved.

The advantages and disadvantages of GRP lining

As with any coating solution, there are advantages and disadvantages depending on the planned environment and use.


  • GRP linings provide decades-long protection (given that they are routinely maintained)
  • They cost far less than replacing existing infrastructure
  • They are customisable – the resin component can be easily chosen to match the requirements of the setting
  • GRP linings withstand chemicals, water, corrosion, fungi and algae, and high temperatures
  • Quick installation, minimising downtime


  • Require a serious amount of preparation work so the substrate is suitable for a successful coating application
  • Large cracks and cyclic loading may lead to failure

Where to find GRP lining in the UAE

There are several companies that provide GRP lining services in the UAE. These companies include Abstract Connection (with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah), Aromatic Fibreglass Factory (a manufacturer operating in Ajman), National Fibre-Glass Industries (Dubai), Al Mayas Insulation (Sharjah, and Dubai), and Mussiaby Fibreglass Establishment (in Abu Dhabi).

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