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Fire retardant paint in the United Arab Emirates

Fire retardant paint plays a big role for building owners since UAE’s Fire and Life Safety Code of Practices was implemented in 2017.  Building owners now face penalties for non-compliance of their responsibilities in ensuring fire safety in their buildings. The paint is applied to steel structures, concrete, wood, and other building materials to ensure a higher level of security. Fire rated paint provides passive fire protection for a building which acts to prevent ignition of a substrate in the case of fire.

In this article we introduce suitable fire barrier paint products for steel, wood and concrete as well as related standards and regulations in the UAE. We will also provide an overview of contractors that apply fire retardant spray; Dubai, Abu Dhabi and more are covered in the list.

Choosing the right type of fire protection: fire retardant or intumescent

Fire proof paint provides a protective barrier between fire and the substrate. There are two main types of fire proof paint – intumescent and fire retardant paint. They work through different fire control mechanisms:

Fire retardant paint systems include the duplex system

The duplex system apples a fire retardant paint over an intumescent paint.

  • Intumescent paints (also called fire resistant) – These paints “intumesce” or expand when exposed to extreme heat. The coating literally grows into a barrier up to 50 times its original thickness and forms an insulating char, slowing the transfer of heat from the fire and protecting the substrate. There is intumescent coating for wood, steel, and concrete and is often applied as a fire retardant spray, but can also be applied by other methods. For a list of intumescent paint suppliers see our fire resistant paint page.
  • Fire retardant paints – Respond to the heat of a fire by releasing a flame damping gas which prevents the spread of flame over a surface and keeps temperatures below the ignition point for the substrate. Fire retardant paint is also suitable for a range of substrates and can be more decorative than intumescent, for example there is fire retardant wood stain or clear varnish.

Many fire retardant coatings are only rated for the ability to ‘not contribute’ to a fire; in other words, they will not become a fuel source. Industrial grade paints provide more resistance in keeping the fire from getting to the substrate. Always consult with a specialist before choosing the right grade of protection for your building.

When it comes to fire protection for steel,  fire retardant paint is used as par of a duplex system, with an intumescent bottom coat and a fire retardant top coat.

Invisible protection with clear fire retardant paint for wood

Wood is classified as a common combustible (Class A) in the United Arab Emirates. If combustible materials are used in buildings they represent a considerable source of danger in a fire due to easy flame and/or smoke spread. Luckily you can take safety measures without altering the outer appearance of wood by applying a fire rated paint for wood. Fire rated paint for wood exists as a clear coating and opaque colours which are also applicable on previously treated wood. There are also fire retardant fluid treatments that soak into the wood. These fire retardant wood stains provide all the safety benefits without altering the appearance of the wood surfaces and are very popular in architectural design.

Here are some clear fire retardant coating suppliers that offer products/services especially to protect wood from fire:

Fire retardant coating for wood specialistAddress in the UAE
Dani TradingWarehouse No. 8, Doha St. Al Qusais Industrial Area 1, Dubai
Gulf Crossings LLCSuqueim Road, Kanoo Group Warehouse 2, Al Barsha, Dubai
Thermilate Middle EastAmman St, Dubai

If you need industrial grade protection, or in case certification is mandatory for your building, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with a quote from local certified coating specialists or fire coating paint suppliers, including clear fire retardant paint manufacturers and intumescent specialists.

Find fire retardant paint suppliers in Dubai and UAE

As the backbone of modern buildings, steel is the most important substrate to treat with fire retardant paint. Even more so due to the fact that every newly constructed building in the United Arab Emirates needs to get a certificate of completion which verifies whether the building meets all preventive fire safety requirements. An official certificate is only issued when fire retardant paint for steel was applied by a fireproofing specialist.

Here are a few local fire retardant paint suppliers in UAE that can help you with this:

National PaintsAl Arouba St, Al Ghuwair، Near Al Zahra St – Sharjah
JotunStreet 7, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Sharjah, Dubai
Thermilate Middle EastAmman St – Dubai