Self level epoxy flooring UAE

A durable, long-lasting, beautiful solution with epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is the standard flooring solution for industrial, residential, and commercial flooring the world over. Epoxy flooring has a host of benefits including affordability, versatility, and durability. In the UAE, epoxy flooring has been used for projects ranging from the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai to Abu Dhabi airport, as well as countless kitchens, bathrooms, carparks, and more.

In this article we take a look at why epoxy flooring is the civil and industrial flooring go-to solution, and at some of the epoxy painting contractors in the UAE.

The top 5 benefits of epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is chosen not only for its durability and versatility, but also its decorative qualities. Epoxy flooring companies in Dubai have applied it to the Sofitel hotel, it comes in high gloss, matte, colours, and can have inclusions like quartz flakes to really make it pop. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of the benefits of epoxy flooring.

abu dhabi airport with epoxy flooring

The Abu DHabi International Airport makes use of epoxy flooring on high traffic areas due to its durability, safety and resistance properties.

  1. Durability – Epoxy is renowned for its durability. Once cured it can last for decades, making it one of the longest-lasting flooring solutions.
  2. Chemical and water resistance – Epoxy resin flooring protects the underlying substrate from moisture, chemicals, oils, stains, and the damage that would result. It is resistant to most chemicals which is why it is so popular for garages, carparks, and industrial flooring.
  3. Affordability – The cheapest of the resin flooring systems, epoxy is cheaper by material costs and, because it can be applied directly to substrates, application costs.
  4. Easy to clean – Seamless, smooth, and chemically resistant, epoxy is not only easy to clean it is also hygienic which is why it finds so many applications in the healthcare and food preparation sectors. It can also be given antimicrobial properties.
  5. Safety – As well as providing a seamless and abrasion resistant surface, epoxy can be made to be anti slip, and the addition of a shiny epoxy flooring will increase the brightness of a space by 200% due to its reflective quality.

Applying an epoxy resin flooring in the UAE

Application of epoxy resin flooring may be easy, but it faces some difficulties, particularly in the hot and sunny climate of the Middle East. With a summer average of around 40°C, epoxy flooring suppliers in Dubai would know that there are extra considerations needed for a successful and effective epoxy flooring. Epoxy painting contractors in UAE will tell you:

  • Epoxy is susceptible to UV radiation which will cause yellowing and chalking.
  • For the ideal application, epoxy requires temperatures of around 20°C. In conditions as hot as those found in the UAE, this may require some extra measures for the perfect application.
  • Epoxies will soften at temperatures of 60°C and above

Though a moist substrate may not be an issue for UAE resin flooring, the climate limits the applications of epoxy, requiring interior application free from direct sunlight – perfect for carparks, hospitals, and malls.

Epoxy flooring Dubai to Abu Dhabi – find a contractor to lay the floor

The popularity of epoxy means that there are epoxy resin flooring companies operating across the UAE supplying everything from commercial flooring for hotels and malls to industrial flooring for car parks and factories. If you are interested in epoxy flooring companies in Dubai, or anywhere else in the UAE, we are here to help. Below is a couple of the companies that provide epoxy resin flooring services.

If you would like more information or have a project that requires epoxy flooring contractors in the UAE, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experts are here to help. Just use the button below to contact us and use our 100% free quotation service. For resin flooring like epoxy flooring, Dubai to Abu Dhabi and beyond, we can find the coating solution for your project.

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Flowcrete Middle EastAl Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAEIndustrial flooring, commercial flooring, car park protection
Leaders FortMusafah, Abu Dhabi, UAEIndustrial flooring (including hospitals and infrastructure) and carpark protection
Smart Touch Technical ServicesAl Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAEEPoxy resin flooring installation