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Nano ceramic coating for cars beats traditional waxing

Trying to keep a car looking shop-new can be expensive, and end up feeling like hard work. All that washing, waxing, and love feels futile when a bird finds its target ten minutes after you are done. And it isn’t just the birds; UV radiation, chips, stains, dirt, swirl marks, all of these mean that the glossy newness of your coat starts to fade and wear. Which is where nano ceramic coating for cars comes in. Ceramic coating ( also called glass coating) for cars uses nanotechnology to provide a layer of protection over your vehicle’s paint work: the coating forms bonds with the substrate at the nanomolecular level, and will not wash away or break down like a wax. This nano ceramic coating for cars keeps the surface cleaner and shinier for longer.

In this article we will describe the benefits of a ceramic paint protection for cars, how they are applied, and where you can find products and applicators in the Emirates.

The advantages of nano ceramic coating

Glass coating, ceramic coating, liquid glass, nano ceramic coating, ceramic glass, car paint protection coating, is there a difference between all these products? Well, no, not really. All these terms are used to describe a nano coating for cars based on silica/silicon dioxide (a key ingredient in glass). These nano coatings are hydrophobic, hard, heat and weather resistant, and this is what makes them so perfect for your vehicle. A ceramic coating makes your car paint more resilient, and easier to clean. This is because they:

ceramic paint protection applied on rims with spray as nano ceramic coating for cars

Nano ceramic coating for cars can also be applied on rims to increase durability and shine.

  • UV-proof : When your vehicle is exposed to the sun, the paint will begin to oxidise and fade. A ceramic coating provides a barrier which protects from this effect.
  • Chemical resistant: Acidic fluids and salt will stain and etch a paint job (including bird droppings and dead bugs), but with a ceramic coating the hydrophobic property will prevent these destructive elements from affecting the paint.
  • Hydrophobic: They repel water, so water will bead on the surface and slide off. It is also more difficult for mud and grime to adhere to the surface, making washing easier and less frequent.
  • Extremely glossy: A ceramic car coating coats your car in a slick, self-cleaning surface which makes your car glossy and shiny, like it just came out of the shop.

Glass and Ceramic coatings are a relatively new solution for car paint protection. They are slowly replacing the more traditional waxing and hard waxing, which is no wonder. In the table below you can see how nano ceramic coating for cars compares to waxing and hard waxing in price and durability.

Car paint protection coatingDurabilityPrice from
Waxing4-6 monthsDirham 205.00
Hard waxingup to a yearDirham 560.00
Ceramic coatingfrom 1 to 5 years depending on the productDirham 1.500

The prices are merely indications and include application costs. Note that glass and ceramic coating for car cost range is wider than the one of more traditional paint protection methods.

Ceramic coating companies in the Emirates

If you take your vehicle into a shop for a professionally-applied ceramic coating, it will of course be more expensive than if you had applied it at home. You are paying for the work hours, but also the security of a trained and experienced professional. A coating would be an investment for the serious car lover. Where waxing is a quarterly expense, ceramic coating is a one-off. A professional ceramic detail can cost anywhere from 1.500 up to 8.100 Dirhams depending on the number of coats and surface treatment required. The size of your car also affects the amount of coating needed, and thus has an effect on the final price. Whether you are looking for car paint protection Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, there are companies who provide this service

If you are looking for information about a large scale project or industrial nano ceramic coating for cars, our experts are here to help. Just get in touch through the “Request a quote” button and we will help you find the right coating solution.

Do it yourself application of car paint protecton

Applying a ceramic coating is an intensive operation and, like most automotive coatings, often requires an experienced and qualified professional to apply them, and to achieve the best possible results. There are, however, ceramic coating kits available which can be applied at home, if you wish to do so.

Note that when applied at home, a flawless result cannot be guaranteed; ceramic coating requires an absolutely contaminant free environment which can rarely be achieved in a private garage.

Like any coating application, the condition of the substrate is a key component. Before applying the coating, your car must be as clean and bare as possible; the coating will be easier to apply and work better the cleaner the car surface is to begin with. Always read the product-specific instructions to guarantee correct application.

Protective coating for cars with the right products

Here below you can find products that are suitable for at home applications assuming the near professional environment can be created.

Ceramic coating products productBrandPrice (indication)Packaging
Gyeon Q2 MOHSGyeon Quartzdh695.00100 ml
Nasiol Ceramic CoatingNasioldh800.0050ml
Kristall WindShield Protective CoatingKristall Globaldh199.0050ml + 50ml
9H Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection KitColorNDrivedh379.00150ml + 50ml
Kristall Car Body Quartz Protective CoatingKristall Globaldh299.0050ml + 50ml

No matter the hype, remember that no coating is permanent unless well maintained. A nano ceramic coating for cars will degrade if not looked after, and will need reapplication every year to five years depending on the coating.


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