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Painting Supplies & How to Use Them

Learn about painting supplies and their use with our guide Everyone has a DIY painting project in them, whether it is a spare room, new nursery, or just a redecoration job. Though the painting tools required may seem obvious – A brush! A roller! Sandpaper! – when you arrive at Bunnings the sheer number and […]

The Top Interior Paint Brands in the UAE

Where to find the best interior paint brands in UAE One of the biggest choices – and commitments – you make when you buy or update a building is the interior paint. Or maybe you have just moved into a rental and can’t stand the walls as they are. Whether you are setting up a […]

Milk Paint UAE

Milk-based paint: Furniture with a unique soft and rustic touch You may have heard of chalk paint, but there is a new kid on the block: Milk paint. Technically not at all new, the process behind milk paint has been used for thousands of years. Milk paints are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and you can mix […]

Chalk paint UAE

Reinvent furniture finishes with chalk paint Do you hate that old dresser with the scratches and dings? Or maybe that dated coffee table no longer works with your scheme, or the stains on the sideboard get you down. If you look at a tired bit of furniture and ache to replace it there is an […]

Antifouling Paint Removal Guide

Make antifouling removal easy with this guide There is no getting round it; removing antifouling is hard, dirty work. But when you pull your boat out of the water to find the antifouling looking rough as guts with excessive layer buildup, cratering, peeling, flaking, or blisters appearing across the hull, you can’t put it off […]

Powder Coating Removal Guide

How powder coating removal strips substrates clean One of the strengths of powder coating is its durability, but when it comes to powder coating removal this can cause problems. It might be due to a coating failure, the need to update and refinish, or cleaning racks and hangers after a successful coating, but sometimes you […]

Consumer Electronics Coatings UAE

Consumer electronics coatings offer much-needed variety Brand is the all-important vision for any product. Products need to do more than just work, they need to say something about the user and the product. The Internet provides a world of products and comparisons at our fingertips, so it is no surprise that what consumers expect is […]

Smartphone Coatings – Design Trends

Keep ahead of the game with smartphone coatings The world of consumer electronics is dynamic and ever-changing. With device lifecycles growing shorter, new technologies changing the game every ten minutes, and design trends quickly approaching fashion-world seasonal flux, standing still will quickly have you left behind. All of this is particularly true of smartphones where […]

Clear Epoxy Resin

Clear epoxy resin for epoxy table, epoxy resin countertops, artistic epoxy crafts Everyone has seen those tabletops decorated with embedded pennies, or the collections of resinated insects quietly waiting for their revenge in their shiny clear epoxy prison. It seems like everyone has a clear epoxy resin craft project in the works. Whether it is […]

The Best Way to Paint a Room

How to paint a room the best way and make There’s a reason we put off room painting for months and even years. Though picking out the best room colour and arguing about whether or not to have a feature wall may fill us with joy, the actual act of painting a room is faced […]

Stripping Paint Off Metal

The best chemical paint strippers – Stripping paint off metal at home Whether you want to respray or repaint your metal furniture, renew defective coating from motorcycle and bike parts, recoat a tank, or remove graffiti stains, the first step to a successful project is to strip the paint off the metal surfaces. For that […]

Yacht Paint UAE

From bow to stern – the full yacht paint guide The maritime leisure industry is booming, with yacht ownership and the number of marinas in the UAE continually rising. In order to keepFrom bow  your yacht looking and performing its best, you need yacht paint. Above and below the waterline there are a wide variety […]

Commercial Hull Coatings UAE

Improve logistics and expenditure with commercial hull coatings The UAE’s maritime industry continues to grow and billions are invested in ports across the country every year. Across the globe, 80% of trade by volume, and over 70% by value, is carried out by sea, carried through trade routes and handled through ports around the world. […]

Foul Release Coatings UAE

Foul release coatings prevent biofouling and reduce fuel and maintenance Biofouling is a serious issue that has afflicted vessels for as long as humanity has taken to the sea. The ancient Greeks are known to have used tar, wax and even lead sheathing to protect their ship bottoms, and, starting in the 1700s, the British […]

Corrosion Under Insulation UAE

The hidden cost of corrosion under insulation In the case of corrosion under insulation, “Out of sight, out of mind” only leads to out of pocket. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is the insidious problem causing billions in damage and loss every single year. It is of grave concern facility owners, plant operators, engineers, and workers […]

Cementitious Waterproofing Coatings UAE

Safeguard your construction work with cementitious waterproofing Concrete is a durable and strong construction material that is relied upon for buildings, bridges, tanks, dams, pools, pipes, and drains, just to name a few. However, concrete is porous and permeable; water and water vapour can penetrate concrete and cause deterioration and damage, especially in cases where […]

Buy Powder Coating Powder UAE

A complete guide for when you buy powder coating powder Powder coating is used for everything from custom vehicle decoration to pipeline protection. It is a high performance coating method that is used to protect substrates from corrosion, chemicals, weather, and physical damage while providing an attractive drip-and-sag-free finish. Powder coating is also a cost […]

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GRP Lining / FRP Lining

GRP Lining will save you the cost of replacement Tanks, pipes, sump pits, cooling towers, bunds, transmission pipelines, swimming pools, and more will all eventually suffer deterioration if not properly protected. Chemicals, corrosion, exposure, and other influences can lead to blistering, leaking, cracking, and osmosis, ultimately leading to failure. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) lining is […]

Commercial & Industrial Floor Coating UAE

Thick and thin floor coating systems Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems in the United Arab Emirates. The thin layer floor coatings are usually not thicker than a millimetre, but the complete resin flooring systems may reach up to one centimetre in thickness. The most […]

Powder Coating Companies in the UAE

Where to find powder coating UAE companies The Emirates is a country known for its extensive development and construction projects. With those projects comes the need for protective coating that is not just up to the job but also attractive. Powder coating has both these properties. A high performance coating that is highly resistant and […]

Antifouling Paint UAE

Antifouling paint for your vessel and the waters By volume, 80% of global trade is conducted on our oceans, and our maritime industry continues to grow; as does our dependence on the vessels that work so hard to achieve it. Biofouling refers to the growth of microorganisms; plants, algae, or animals, that build up on the […]

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Polyurea Coating UAE

Protect your assets in harsh environments with polyurea coating Polyurea coating has been on the market in the UAE already for 30 years and its durability, flexibility, and versatility allow new applications to be found all the time. Polyurea coating is currently used across industries for waterproofing, corrosion protection, water containment as well as containment of […]

PVDF Coating UAE

PVDF coating protects from the Gulf climate With the construction boom in the UAE comes the need for highly protective coating systems. Particularly here in the Gulf where sun, salt, and sand can pummel our architecture. Architectural coating is a big part of the coating industry. Whether skyscrapers, sheds, homes, hangars, or port buildings, construction […]

Conformal Coating UAE

 Protect circuitry in any environment with conformal coating Today’s world runs on electronics. From the Emirates aeroplanes to traffic lights, fridges to phones, circuitry keeps day-to-day life ticking over smoothly. Unprotected circuitry is prey to moisture, salt, chemicals, ranging temperatures, dust, and other contaminants which could cause the circuitry to fail. Keeping circuitry ticking over […]

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Epoxy Flooring UAE

A durable, long-lasting, beautiful solution with epoxy flooring Epoxy flooring is the standard flooring solution for industrial, residential, and commercial flooring the world over. Epoxy flooring has a host of benefits including affordability, versatility, and durability. In the UAE, epoxy flooring has been used for projects ranging from the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai […]


Fire Retardant Paint UAE

Fire retardant paint in the United Arab Emirates Fire retardant paint plays a big role for building owners since UAE’s Fire and Life Safety Code of Practices was implemented in 2017.  Building owners now face penalties for non-compliance of their responsibilities in ensuring fire safety in their buildings. The paint is applied to steel structures, […]

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Corrosion Resistant Paint UAE

Corrosion resistant paint for steel for optimal protection from rust Corrosion resistant paint forms a barrier between a metal and its environment, and increases the metal’s durability and lifespan. The roughly estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is trillions of dirhams. The good news is, that a lot of this loss can be prevented […]

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Fire Rated Paint for Steel

The reason behind the necessity for fire rated paint for steel Strength is one of the main properties which makes steel suitable for use in building construction. Steel is a metal which is a tough construction material, used in buildings across the Emirates from private villas to the highest towers. However, this strength is challenged […]


Nano Coating UAE

Nano coating – the ultra thin wonder coating From food processing in Abu Dhabi to the automotive industry in Dubai: a nano coating is useful in almost every sector. Not only does nano coating seal the car paint but nano coating manufacturers also make products that make skyscraper windows self-cleaning. In this article we will […]


Epoxy Paint and Coating UAE

Epoxy paint and coatings shine in industrial applications An epoxy paint is a thermosetting polymer which uses an epoxy resin as its binder. Epoxy coatings usually come in two components which are combined and mixed prior to application. The epoxy resin component when combined with a curing agent or hardener begins the cross-linking process. This creates […]

Packaging Coating UAE

Pacckaging coating for protection, beauty and preservation The packaging that protects and stores our food, beverages, perishables, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, chemical products, and more does not do so alone. Packaging coating is used to protect and enhance the interior and exterior of containers, packaging, lids, metal, plastic, board, paper, and more in order to best maintain […]


Wood Coatings UAE

Wood coatings for durable protection Wood is a wonderful, versatile building material that has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from walls and floors of the family home to the furniture and cabinetry that fill it. In order to keep wood functioning at its best and most beautiful, it needs to be […]

Wind Turbine Coating UAE

Protecting a valuable resource with a wind turbine coating Currently there are no wind farms in the Emirates however, the country is funding many wind powder projects overseas and researching the possibilities to generate wind energy at home. The research shows that the Northern Emirates and some islands have the most potential regarding wind energy […]


Self Leveling Floor Coating UAE

Make everything smooth and even with self leveling floor coating As the name implies, self leveling floor coating is a form of coating which is used on various types of floors so as to make them smooth and even. They are usually applied on concrete floors but they are also an effective option on other […]


Tank Coating UAE

Start off with the right tank coating to prevent costs Protection-wise, tanks present a series of difficulties. Not only does their exterior need to be protected from the environment, but their interior needs protection too – both from and for the cargo or substance being stored. These substances can be anything from petrochemical to water to beer, and the […]

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Heat Resistant Paint UAE

Heat resistant paint for high temperature protection When a substrate is subject to heat and rapid temperature fluctuations, it can lead to surface breakage and corrosion. Electrical and engine components, chimneys and ovens, pipework and chemical plants, all these are exposed to possibly damaging temperatures and conditions. This is especially important in the UAE, where […]


Powder Coating UAE & Dubai

All you need to know about powder coating in UAE Powder coating has become a multi-billion dirham business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating anything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down to two things: protection and appearance. As a coating method it is flexible, […]

Coating and Paint Additives

Optimal properties & characteristics with coating and paint additives At its most simplified, a paint or coating is the combination of a pigment, a binder (or resin), and optionally, a solvent and additives. The pigment is the substance which provides the coating with its color, the binder provides both adhesion and cohesion, holding the paint together […]

Binders and Resins for Coatings

The ‘coating vehicle’ – Binders and Resins for coatings A paint or coating is the combination of a pigment, a binder, a solvent, and additives. The binder, or resin, is usually what gives the coating its name, such as polyurethane or acrylic. While the pigment provides a paint with color, the additives give it extra […]

Aerospace Coatings UAE

Aerospace coatings for durability and beauty in the harshest conditions The aerospace sector is one of the most demanding sectors for coatings and materials. Aerospace coatings need to provide protection from corrosion, abrasion, weather, UV radiation, erosion, temperature variations, and more in the most extreme conditions. The aerospace industry can be divided into space, commercial aviation, […]

AkzoNobel UAE & Global Coatings Brands

An introduction to AkzoNobel, its brands and coatings AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company which produces paints and coatings for markets ranging from aerospace to whitegoods. The current company was formed through the merger of Akzo NV and Swedish company Nobel Industries AB in 1994, though the history of the company can be traced back to […]


Anti Slip Coating UAE

Prevent accidents and insurance claims with anti skid coating Slips and trips are a serious problem, both at home and in the workplace. In the UAE slips and trips account for a large share of workplace injuries, and most of the general injuries involve slips. If you are an employer, you have duty of care […]


Fire Resistant Coating UAE

Fire resistant coating UAE –  a safety coat for fire prevention In the United Arab Emirates real estate owners and the construction industry have to obey strict building regulations and provide safe and effective means of escape. Fire resistant coating systems have proven to be real game changers in this area. Therefore, fire rated coating is mandatory in the latest […]

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Protective Metal Coating in UAE

Industrial metal coating for protection and maximum durability Metal is a very common material in a range of industries; Its strength and versatility finds ready use in aerospace, automotive, building (steel constructions), and electronics applications among many others.  Metal coating can refer to either coatings which consist of or contain metal, or to coatings which […]

Anti Urine Coating

Anti urine coating to protect your property In all the Emirates public urination is an offence to punishable with a fine. Dubai has also recently announced to take additional measures in combating the problem. Not only does public urination make the general environment less appealing but it also forces the Emirates to spend millions of […]


Automotive Powder Coating UAE

Rely on automotive powder coating when color and durability are in a key role A vehicle presents a wide range of substrates to be protected and decorated with coatings. From bodywork and bumpers to wheels and suspension components, automotive powder coating is becoming more and more the coating of choice for the industry. It is durable, […]

PPG Industries

PPG Industries – More than 130 years of coatings PPG Industries was founded in 1883 by Captain John B. Ford and John Ford in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally known as Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the company expanded quickly and now, 135 years later, PPG Industries has 156 manufacturing facilities in 70 countries and 47,000 employees. In […]

Chemical Resistant Paint & Coating UAE

Effectively protect surfaces from substances with chemical resistant paint Almost all coatings will be exposed to chemicals and acids at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does not need a special formulation. Chemical resistant paint or acid proof paint is designed to provide protection […]