Coatings in the United Arab Emirates

In the fast developing country of the UAE is coatings an essential part.

Many companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ready to help every development project with the necessary coating. On you can find all related information and advice from our coating experts. Feel free to contact us with you questions or if you are looking for a quote from one of our partners. We can help you with industrial, protective, smart, nano coatings and more. Fire resistant, corrosion resistant and non skid coating or special coatings at home like self levelling coating.

chemical resistant paint on floor
Self levelEpoxy flooring UAE
applying anti slip paint on a floor
Firefighters uae fight building without Fire retardant paint
powder coating UAE pistol used in coating
Hotel with metal coatings
nano coating on fabric prevents water from penetrating the textile.
applying corrosion resistant coating

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